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How you can help
cats & kittens in need.

Not ready to adopt but you want to help cats and kittens in need?
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Your Donations Make It Possible!

One by One is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, entirely supported by private donations.

We do not receive support from state, federal, or local government.

How to help

If you’d like your donation to help a specific cat, you can sponsor the cat of your choice.

Your generosity will help us care for the kitty until he/she is adopted into a loving home.

If you prefer sending a check, please make it payable to:
One by One Cat Rescue
P.O. Box 272
Temple PA, 19560

You can also donate using paypal or your credit card.

No donation is considered too large (of course) or too small! Any amount you donate is tax deductible.
We appreciate every contribution.

Our Wishlist

For the Shelter:

Maintaining a facility like ours requires constant upkeep. We really love Gift Cards of any denomination from Home Depot, Lowe’s, or ANY Reading area hardware store.

For our cats & kittens:

As you would imagine, we are ALWAYS in need of food and supplies. Any of the items below will be greatly appreciated by cats and volunteers alike:

★ Canned cat food. Fancy Feast, Friskies, and Purina ProPlan preferred.

★ Dry cat food.  Purina ProPlan chicken & rice is preferred.

★ Paper towels.

★ Large trash bags. (13-gal, drawstring)

★ Latex gloves of all sizes.

★ HE liquid laundry detergent.

★ New large plastic storage bins.

OR … Let our volunteers do the shopping for you!
They always ask the cats and kittens what they want before going shopping! Gift cards in any denomination for Amazon, Chewy, Petco, PetSmart, Pet Supplies Plus or any other Reading area pet supply store are VERY appreciated!

If you are local and want to arrange a drop off, please Contact Us.

fostering cats can be very rewarding, help cats by giving them a temporary home



sponsoring cats can be very rewarding, help cats by giving them a temporary home

One by One’s Cat Sponsorship Program is designed for people who would like to help homeless cats but are unable to take one home.

Your monthly generosity will help us care for that cat until he or she is adopted into a permanent home.

As a sponsor, you will receive occasional updates on your selected cat. We will also post your sponsorship, either in your name or in memory/honor of someone else, on this website. You are also welcome to send your sponsored cat toys and supplies! Sponsorship is a great gift for someone who has everything they need – a one size fits all!

To get started, click on our resident shelter cats to learn more about them and to select your sponsor! Please feel free to email us anytime about your sponsor or with questions -

Learn more about our kitties!



One by One Cat Rescue is always in need of quality foster homes!

Only with the help of foster homes are we able to provide temporary care for our needy feline friends.

Have you ever thought about fostering a cat or litter of kittens?

For information on how you can help, please email

The benefit to fostering is that you’re helping a cat or kitten in great need to get acclimated to a warm and loving environment. Sometimes this might be the very first time that cat or kitten has felt safe, cared for, or even loved. When you see a nervous cat or kitten finally gain confidence and seek you out for attention your heart will race with joy! Yes, your efforts and dedication will make a DIFFERENCE in that cat’s life!

Granted, when your foster cat or kitten goes home with a new family it will be bittersweet. It will break your heart …. there is no doubt about it! You will question, WHY, why do I put myself through this heartache? Then you will remember, YOU gave that cat or kitten a chance at life and YOU gave him or her a chance to live in a real home. This is something some of our friends will never know or appreciate.

No denying it, it really does hurt when we say goodbye, but the reward is tremendous! Next thing you know, along comes the next cat or kitten in need and you are smitten once again. Suddenly you are reminded of WHY you love doing this and you do it again and again and again.

One by One is always looking for quality foster homes for both adult cats and kittens.

What is fostering?

Providing a temporary home until a permanent home is found. We only have enough room in our shelter for about 30 cats. Fostering enables us to help more cats and kittens by placing them in a loving, temporary home until they are adopted.

What determines which cats are eligible for fostering?

All cats are eligible for fostering, but some have priority over others. All kittens are placed in foster homes before they are adopted. This provides them with lots of love and attention to help them grow into loving, secure cats. Also, for whatever reason, some cats do not accept life in the shelter. The senior cats in their golden years will do better in a quiet foster home.

What happens when I can no longer keep my foster?

The cat will be placed in another foster home or taken to our shelter.

How do I foster?

Please contact us at

What do I need to provide for my foster?

Love, attention, food, and shelter.

What happens if my foster cat gets adopted?

We hope that you have enjoyed the experience and will choose to foster another cat.

Who can I contact if I need assistance with my foster?

You will find a wealth of support through our other foster parents and volunteers.

If I cannot foster, but I would like to help. What else can I do?

Our shelter depends on food and money donations, and volunteer efforts. If you are a crafter or love to bake, we are always looking for items to sell at our events.

fostering cats can be very rewarding, help cats by giving them a temporary home
Thoughts from a foster mom ….

How can I let my fosters go? A question I am asked many times. I guess for me the answer starts with having a houseful already, but still having the burning need to help more. Now, over 50 successful adoptions later, I can say it is much more than that.

I put all my love into each individual foster cat, even if she is one of 8. She gets daily attention along with the social skills needed to live in a home with a family. I tell her “I love you” and I mean it sincerely. I tell her “One day, you will have a family of your own.” Each day I kiss her good night and then hug her good morning. And some day, I will say good bye to her and remind her…..”remember, I loved you first. Be a good girl and have a good life.”

And then I love another.

People raise children every day leading up to a time when they will leave home and start lives of their own. I just happen to do it with cats. It gives me the opportunity to share my love and in return I receive an over abundance of unconditional love that only a pet can provide.

If I would have known that the satisfaction of fostering an unwanted street waif until her new family can find her was THIS rewarding, I would have started so many years ago. I can honestly say that I am helping to make a difference in the lives of some of God’s creatures whom few people even give a fighting chance.

So if you can’t adopt, why not foster………. the kitties will love you for it.



We are all volunteers at One By One.

We have no paid staff.

So there is no way we can do this without you!

There are no unimportant jobs at One By One. Each and every volunteer contributes in some way to the goal of finding homes for kitties.

To volunteer email:

What type of volunteers do we need?

We are always looking for volunteers to help us with:

★ fundraising
★ foster homes
★ facility support / repairs
★ transport cats to vet appointment
★ make craft items to sell

If you have a talent to lend – then we NEED YOU!

rescue cat being held by their new furrever family, foster a cat, adopt a cat



smiths guns and ammo logo

Smith's Guns & Ammo


Smiths Guns and Ammos are great supporters of One by One! They have done a raffle for us, donated multiple times and are volunteers with our shelter. Please patronage their business!

laura james firearm training demonstration

Laura James Firearms Training


Laura is one of our fantastic foster moms and almost always has some One by One kitties in her care! She also has 3 adopted One by One kitties and 2 permanent lifelong One by One fosters. Be safe, get a great firearms instructor!

Continue reading...
Laura has been a full-time Firearms Instructor for 13 years and for 8 years part-time before that. She teaches all ages and all skill levels at an outdoor range in Oley PA and Elverson PA. As a certified pistol instructor, she teaches all semi-automatic handguns and revolvers in all calibers. As a certified rifle instructor she teaches semi-automatic, pump, bolt and lever action in all calibers. As a shotgun instructor she teaches Semi-automatic, pump, over-and-under and side-by-side in all calibers and also teaches skeet at the Oley location. Laura can teach you every detail from the very beginning to very advanced. You could also learn how to take your firearm apart to clean it and put it back together. Her students range from having their very first experience with a firearm to home or self defense and having the skill and comfort to carry, all the way to bullseye shooting for fun or competition. Her teaching style is calm, patient and safe as students are able to learn at their own comfort and pace.

sleepy cat urban winery

Sleepy Cat Urban Winery


Carrie and Mark are great supporters of One by One and all cat rescue! They also adopted two sweet 1x1 kitties. Please visit their location or come see them when they join us at One by One Open House events. Great people! Great wine!

spoil em rotten pet boutique and grooming salon sign

Spoil 'Em Rotten Pet Boutique And Grooming Spa


The ladies at Spoil Em Rotten are the best! They treat your pet with great kindness. We highly recommend them for dog and cat grooming!

wild birds unlimited nature shop logo

Wilds Birds Unlimited


Wilds Birds Unlimited is a great store! They have everything you need to help you care for the wild birds in your yard. The store has many great items for gifts! The Gerharts have been supporters of One by One for many years. Please stop in and see their offerings!

andrew hess inc logo

Andrew Hess, Inc.


Andrew Hess Inc has been very kind to One by One and allows us to utilize their facility for litter delivery. Thank you to the owners and employees at Andrew Hess Inc!

hand sized statues of a human hugging a cat

Everlasting Hug


Everlasting Hug is a non-profit lead by designer Charles Kern to help people process and move on after the death of a beloved pet. All  profits go towards shelters, spay and neuter programs, and other local pet facilities. If you or a loved one has lost a family pet, these hand-sized keepsakes can help you process and recover from the painful loss.

Thank you to all local business that support us! We appreciate your support and kindness!